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Hearing Aids

Don’t miss precious moments. Improve your hearing ability with the right hearing aid for you and live life to the fullest…

At Sunshine Hearing we offer expert advice and fitting of all leading brands of hearing aids. We provide our patients with a thorough examination to find the right hearing aid for each individual. We offer a wide choice of different rehabilitation options to help you overcome your communication difficulties.

A new generation of hearing aids…

Over the years advancements in technology have seen hearing aids change dramatically in function, appearance and comfort. Some new advancements include:

  • Noise reduction technology
  • Adaptive directional microphones
  • Remote controls
  • Micro behind the ear devices
  • Slimline tubes for additional comfort and own voice quality
  • More channels to closer simulate natural hearing
  • Automatic phone programs that automatically shift into phone mode
  • Bluetooth technology to stream your mobile phone or compatible bluetooth device right into you hearing aids.
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