Hearing Aids

5 signs that you might need a hearing aid solution:

  1. You find yourself struggling to hear speech clearly when there is background noise.
  2. Someone has commented about the volume of your phone, television or radio – or how loudly you speak.
  3. You are missing everyday sounds, like birds outside or your knife scraping on your toast.
  4. Straining to hear conversations with your friends, colleagues and loved ones.
  5. You have had prolonged exposure to a loud environment (such as workplace noise) and now find it challenging to hear.

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Missing speech in background noise?

You’re not alone – this is the single most common condition for people seeking a hearing test.

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How does a hearing aid work?

The pinna ( your ear) works like a funnel to attract sound into your ear canal. As hearing deteriorates, that funneling effect is not enough to get the sound waves to your brain.

Hearing aids are effectively computerised amplifiers that sit in or behind the ear and receive that sound into a microphone, and they then amplify the sound into the ear via a speaker.

Some people only need amplification in one ear, but more commonly to assist the ears to work in tandem to locate and transmit sound, most people seek binaural amplification.

Hearing aids are extremely powerful mini-computers and they not only amplify sound, they are programmed to address your specific loss and to help you listen in the situations you experience in your daily life.

Over the years advancements in technology have seen hearing aids change dramatically in function, appearance and comfort. Your Sunshine Hearing Audiologist is right up to speed with all the functions and features of the latest hearing aids on the market, but here are just a few ways that hearing aids can now improve your quality of life.

Hearing Aid Advancements:
  • Wireless / Bluetooth hearing aids which can sync to your mobile phone
  • Hearing aids developed with noise reduction technology which help identify and amplify speech rather than background noise
  • “Invisible” in-the-ear hearing aids
  • Remote control functions, allowing for adjustments in crowded/louder spaces
  • Directional microphone advancements – the ability to choose which direction you want to receive noise from (example being at a cafe with a loved one- you would want to hear the conversation from the front of you, rather than the coffee machine whirring behind you).


Hearing aids feel different in the ear to different people. No surprise there, as we all have different shaped ears and ear canals. For some people and for some specific losses a mould is made of your ear to achieve optimum comfort and hearing improvement. For others, a standard shape will fit well in or behind the ear, and some sit further down the canal out of sight. In all cases, manufacturers have worked hard to reduce the size of hearing aids, and some aids with their vibrant colours have even become a fashion item.

Sunshine Hearing is not aligned with any one manufacturer and therefore your Audiologist is free to recommend whatever aid is best for your loss, your comfort and your budget.

Different Types of Hearing Aids:

Phonak – Life is on
MoxiJump R Discover Left Ear

Receiver In Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids:

Suitable for:  An excellent range of hearing options are available with this style to suit severe hearing loss through to mild cases. Potentially not suitable for discharging ears, or profound losses.

Benefits : Small, discreet device designed to tuck behind or on top of the ear, with a slim wire coming from the unit that sits almost unnoticeably along the crease of the top of the ear.

Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

Suitable for:  A robust solution that caters to most hearing loss levels, great for those who like a no-fuss easy to fit unit.

Benefits :  Small unit that tucks behind the ear,  with a tube running to an ear mould that sits within the ear.

StrideM Tempus Left Ear Slim Tube
MoxiJump R Discover Left Ear

In-The-Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

Suitable for:  Also known as In The Canal, Invisible Hearing aids or Mini in Canal hearing aids, they come in a large range of sizes and options. These are an (almost) invisible hearing aid solution. Again, there can be some contraindications, and this option potentially may not suitable for eardrum perforations, individuals who suffer from recurring ear infections or wax build up. Again, your Audiologist will advise if this is the best option for you.

Benefits : Small, discreet device designed to tuck in the ear canal.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team of Audiologists will run through which solution is most suitable for you depending on your hearing condition, lifestyle and budget.

We are proud to offer our clients a wide range of the world’s leading hearing aid brands. We tailor our hearing solutions to our customers individual needs and hearing losses, from the following brands:



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