First, Oticon introduced a new sound paradigm

The revolutionary Oticon Opn™ hearing aids broke with the conventional way of supporting people with hearing loss in noisy environments.

Instead of applying narrow directionality and closing down surrounding sounds, it opened up their world. Oticon Opn delivered what the brain needs to make sense of sound.

Now, Oticon Opn S takes it to the next level

Oticon Opn S breaks a law of physics and delivers further improvements in speech understanding and listening effort. Fuelled by the new, advanced Velox S™ platform, Oticon Opn S takes the open sound experience and unique benefits of BrainHearing™ to new grounds.

Always read the instructions for use, follow the instructions for use.
*When you purchase a pair of Oticon Opn S 1, 2 or 3 rechargeable, Oticon Opn 312/13, ITE or ITC hearing aids.
**Offer available to private purchasers and eligible Government voucher holders who choose to top up.

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Hearing Aid Enquiry

Hearing Aid Enquiry