“The most wonderful thing about this aid is that now, in social situations with my group of friends, my deafness is no longer so noticeable, I can participate in the conversation in a normal way.”

Anastasia Stone

“As soon as I got my new hearing aids I could hear so much more. I can even hear on the telephone!”

Mrs N E. Tweed Heads

“I had been really struggling for a long time until I finally saw my Audiologist and he arranged for me to get hearing aids. They are so comfortable that I forget I’m even wearing them.”

Mr L D. Mullumbimby

“Thank you for recommending these devices, they have changed my life. I found I can now catch up with my friends at parties and hear what they are saying. The hearing aids you fitted me with are perfect. Very happy.”

Mrs J S. Coolangatta

“I was a bit nervous getting my hearing aids as I’d heard so many bad stories. My Audiologist took plenty of time to reassure me and his advice helped me get used to them. My wife says thank you too.”

Mr F F. Tweed Heads

I gave the new devices a good test last night, watching some TV including 2 episodes of Downtown Abbey. There is no discomfort, the fit is excellent. Sensitivity is very good, I can hear clocks ticking from across the room, including one which I had not realised actually had a tick!”