Auditory Processing Disorder

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Auditory Processing Assessment

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Central Auditory Processing disorder (CAPD) testing is usually performed on children from the age of 7 upwards. These kids have difficulty processing auditory information. This is a specialised battery of tests designed to assess the auditory pathway from the inner ear up to the level of the brain stem.

What is Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)?

Kids with APD often do not recognise subtle differences between sounds in words, even when the sounds are loud and clear enough to be heard. These kinds of problems usually occur in the presence of background noise. This leads to difficulty understanding any speech signal presented under less than optimal conditions, such as in the classroom.

Undiagnosed APD can lead to speech and language delays and academic problems.
Symptoms of APD can range from mild to severe and can take many different forms. If you notice these problems you may want to discuss an APD with your Doctor.

9 Signs that your child may have Auditory Processing Disorder

Sign #1

Is your child easily distracted or unusually bothered by loud or sudden noises?

Sign #2

Are noisy environments upsetting to your child?

Sign #3

Does your child’s behaviour and performance improve in quieter settings?

Sign #4

Does your child have difficulty following directions?

Sign #5

Does your child have reading, spelling, writing, or other speech-language difficulties?

Sign #6

Is abstract information difficult for your child to comprehend?

Sign #7

Are verbal maths problems difficult for your child?

Sign #8

Is your child disorganised and forgetful?

Sign #9

Are conversations hard for your child to follow?

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Auditory Processing Disorder

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