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  1. A quick search can show a dramatic price range for hearing aids.
  2. Purely shopping on price is misleading.
  3. At Sunshine Hearing included in our hearing aid purchase price is a comprehensive and complete assessment, treatment and ongoing support.
  4. Our Audiologists are available to see you when you need them to help you achieve the maximum benefit from your hearing aids.
  5. There are no hidden extras in our pricing.

This may make our prices appear more expensive than online hearing aid shops, however many online shops are only interested in selling you a device they offer no rehabilitation options.

Everyone’s ears are a different shape. Hearing problems are unique to your individual situation. Therefore to determine the most appropriate rehabilitation option for you as an individual, an interactive comprehensive assessment, measurement and trial is imperative to obtain the best possible outcome.
Hearing loss is personal and needs to be treated correctly to ensure the success of your hearing aid

This is impossible with an online sales company.

At Sunshine hearing you can make an appointment for a free initial hearing assessment and a trial of hearing aids if appropriate. In some cases we can fit hearing aids on the spot.

With an online purchase there is no assessment, fitting or adjustment and limited after care options.

Lastly, our Audiologists have years of experience and training with helping people improve their hearing. They have a minimum of Masters level university training, which cannot be replaced by a quick questionnaire and device recommendation. They have helped many people improve their communication in the most effective manner possible, using the most modern devices available.
Your hearing loss has a major impact on your life and it is vital to deal with this correctly the first time.

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